Pulsar Digisight LRF N960 N970 Night Vision Scope with Rangefinder

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Pulsar Digisight LRF N960  Night Vision Scope with Rangefinder Pulsar Digisight LRF N960 Night Vision Scope with Rangefinder
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Pulsar Digisight LRF N960 Night Vision Rifle Scope with Rangefinder and Wolf Eyes X-Beam IR torch Pulsar Digisight LRF N960 Night Vision Rifle Scope with Rangefinder and Wolf Eyes X-Beam IR torch
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Pulsar Digisight LRF N970 Night Vision Rifle Scope with Rangefinder Pulsar Digisight LRF N970 Night Vision Rifle Scope with Rangefinder
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Pulsar Digisight LRF N970 Night Vision Rifle Scope with Rangefinder and Wolf Eyes X-Beam IR torch Pulsar Digisight LRF N970 Night Vision Rifle Scope with Rangefinder and Wolf Eyes X-Beam IR torch
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3.07.18 Presently sold out, will have more information on available stock in approximately mid July.

Our new favourite Night Vision Scope! An evolution of the ever popular Pulsar Digisight LRF N850 & N870, the Pulsar Digisight LRF N960 and N970 Night Vision Rifle Scopes boast much higher resolution from the sensor - 752 x 582 (previously 500 x582) and the display1280 x 960 (previously 640x480). This all works to provide a significantly sharper image than the N850 or N870, which it is worth looking at their information for reference – N850 & N870 Night Vision.

As always, we believe these two night vision scopes can be significantly enhanced by the use of a good IR torch. The addition of the X-Beam IR 850nm can add 70% or more to the range of this Night Vision Scope. The addittion of a Laser Range Finder (which works at night!) is a nice bonus in any Night Vision Scope and allows you to get an idea of the distance you area actually shooting at.

Both these models have a laser range finder.

The difference between the two versions is the N960 utilises 810nm inbuilt illumination, the N970 utilises 915nm inbuilt illumination. The N970 915nm inbuilt illumination is considerably less visible when looking at the scope (the N960 glows as a small red dot) but also is less visible to the scope itself – meaning you can't see as far. For most users we would recommend the Pulsar N960 night vision scope.




Selectable Reticle

A reticle is displayed electronically on the high quality screen and is permanently located in the plane of target image. The Digisight's internal memory contains a large number of reticles of various shapes and applications which can be chosen by the user.. The central part of the reticles is illuminated, colour can be changed from red to green. The colour of the main part can be switched between white and black.


Variable magnification

Provided by optics and software of Digisight, the magnification is a variable 3.5 - 14 power. Magnification changes gradually or step-by-step depending on the mode selected. You can see the magnification in the status bar at the bottom of the screen.


Greater Night Sensitivity

No we don't mean crying over sad movies at night! The new sensor technology in the 900 series Pulsar Digisight's means they are twice as sensitive as previous versions.


High Light Protection

The Pulsar Digisight is protected digitally against high and bright light – so can be used during full daylight if so desired.


Wireless Remote Control

The wireless remote control allows basic operations to be made remote from the scope.


Large calibres OK

The Pulsar Digisight Night Vision riflescopes feature high shock resistance and can be used with large calibres such as 9.3х64, .30-06, .300, .375. etc, as well as with shotguns


Larger Field of View

The Field of View (FOV) has been increased by 30% compared to previous generations of Digisight to enable better target acquisition


Long Eye Relief

The new Digisight N960 & N970 feature a 67mm of eye relief, amazing for this class of optic.

Video Recording available

If you are using your Pulsar Night Vision Scope for academic or University research, herd management or wildlife research, Police work or legal evidence - or need to immortalise those great moments or just want to show your friends what you get up to - our easy to attach Video Recorders may help. Details Video Recorder


Wide Operating Temperature Range

For those who like to hunt in colder conditions the Pulsar N960 & N970 offer the ability to operate in sub zero conditions due to its frost resistant OLED display which has a fast response rate and can still provide a clear image even when observing a moving target.





Specifications - Updated Model

Sensitivity of device Spectral sensitivity of device at a wavelength of 780 nm, mW, not more than 0.000015 (1.5x10^-5)

Spectral sensitivity of device at a wavelength of 915 nm, mW, not more than 0.000055 (5.5x10^-5)

Electronic components Camera resolution, pixels 752x582

Display type OLED

Display Resolution, pix. 1280 x 960

Optical characteristics Magnification, x 3.5 ... 14

Lens focus, mm 50

Digital Zoom 2x - 4x

Field of View,°, horizontal 6 (at 3.5x)

Eye Relief, mm 67

Exit Pupil, mm 6

Diopter adjustment, dptr. -4 ... +3

IR-illuminator Radiation source (diode type) LED

IR-illuminator IR Wavelength, nm 810

Range of observation, m Range of detection, m 500

Power Supply Power Supply, V 4 ÷ 6.3

Battery type 4xAA

Battery Life (w/out IR), hour 4

Battery Life (with IR), hour 3 … 3.5

External Power Supply DC 9 ÷ 15V / 3W

Physical & operational characteristics Operating Temperature,°С - 25 … + 50

Remote control Wireless

Shock resistance on rifled weapon, J 6000

Dimensions, mm 340х95х94

Weight (without batteries), kg 0.9


This is a video of the model below the LRF N960, the Digisight N850LRF with Wolf Eyes X-Beam IR. The Digisight LRF N960 will give a better result than this. This video was taken on a dark moonless night where the 160cm woman was not visible. She is at approximately 260 metres, about 20 metres closer than the tree the range finder is focussing on. We would consider 260 metres outside the distance we would recommend the Digisight N850 LRF for, but she is still visible. You then add the Wolf Eyes X-Beam IR and you can see the huge difference. (click video for larger)


A breakdown of the components of the Pulsar Digisight N960 LRF (click video for larger)



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By: on 6 March 2017
I have done a lot of research, I started looking for this scope about 3 years ago, before it was even released. About 3 years ago one of my buddies got the model before the 850.We used it a lot and the benefits were obvious, it helped a lot with the foxes on my property and his. Finances were a problem at the time, so compared it to anything anybody else brought onto our properties over the next few years. It always stacked up very well, so now finances freed up compared all the youtube comparisons, reviews, nothing seemed better for near the price (had actually seen a lot of models worse in real life at roughly this price). Rang Wolf Eyes and these guys were very patient, talked me through all the options and didn't pressure me at all. When I received the 960 realised it was a good step up from the 850 but still easy to use after you set it up. Very, very happy with this setup, have it on a .223 and really is fantastic for getting it over foxes. Thank you, Geoff


By: on 19 October 2016
took the plunge on this scope after a lot of research on the best digital NV scope. It came down to either the N960 or the Drone Pro, in the end the built in range finder swung it the pulsars way as anyone who does a lot of night hunting will appreciate how hard it is to estimate range at night.Originally mounted the scope on my savage .22lr but after using it on a night with about 75% moon light and being able to see crystal clear images out to 400+ meters with no IR illuminator. i had an ATN digital NV scope prior to the N960 and there is no comparison, the ATN always needed an ir torch to be used and the image quality was very average to say the least. Went out a few days ago with the conditions -cloud cover with very little ambient light from the moon and was blown away by the performance. Invest in a long throwing IR torch and you can take shots with confidence out to 300M needless to say the N960 is now mounted on my .308, as i said before the range finder can not be underestimated along with the image quality and the light gathering sensor on this scope make it a must for any serious shooter. I have the remote mounted just above my trigger which make for easy ranging without having to fumble around trying to find the controls on the actual scope. the only problem i have with the scope is that the focusing knob is extremely stiff to turn and it should be on the other side of the scope as reaching over the top of the scope with my left hand while holding the firearm is a pain in the arse (hopefully pulsar will rectify this with future models) but that being said i can live with that. the guys at Wolfe Eyes were a pleasure to deal with so if you are looking for a top of the range digital NV scope with an intergrated range finder give them a call. P.S. for sighting in the scope in the day light at a 100m it is quite difficult to aquire a sharp image of your target so the old trick of drilling a 5mm hole in the centre of the scope cover works a treat not only does this sharpen up the image but you dont have to use the focus wheel as no matter what distance from the target you are it remains in focus.


By: on 4 October 2016
Got this scope and the Xbeamer torch in the package, couldn't believe how clear it was and the distance you can see, could easily make out a pig at 400 metres. I had another brand which wasn't much cheaper and the clarity is chalk and cheese between the two. I bought this after seeing a friend with one, wish I had bought this package up front. Very, very happy with this scope.

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