LED Torches Flashlights | WOLF EYES Tactical LED Torches Ph 1300 911 007

Wolf Eyes LED Torches & Flashlights - if you need help choosing one of our LED Torches our guide "Which Torch To Choose" may help or call us on 1300 911 007.  Our LED Torches are almost all high output, variable mode, rechargeable LED torches designed for professional use.  For general use the Sniper II Pro LED torches  and Pro Police LED torches are our most popular models, with the smaller Sniper II Mini LED torch just behind. For wildlife photography, zoo and wildlife tours the X-Beam red is very well regarded. For hunters and vermin control the Seal LED torch  and Ranger 56 LED torches are great choices, while those who need big outputs and floods of light are well served by the Pilot Whale Dive - also good for diving!