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Infiray Finder FH25R Thermal Monocular including Laser Range Finder Infiray Finder FH25R Thermal Monocular including Laser Range Finder
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Infiray Finder FL25R Thermal Monocular including Laser Range Finder Infiray Finder FL25R Thermal Monocular including Laser Range Finder
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The Infiray Finder thermal monoculars are amazingly compact and even features a range finder! All this thermal goodness in something which fits in your pocket. Modest in size but not in performance, the Infiray Finder models, both FL25R and especially the FH25R provide great thermal image quality and even the ability to transmit by wifi to your phone or tablet.


Infiray Finder thermal monocular feautures:

  • Excellent image quality

The InfiRay Finder thermal monoculars utilise a thermal detector and optics designed for this unit, to provide an excellent image quality both in day, dusk and night use.

  • 12µm Thermal Imaging Sensor with a Detection Range of 1298 m

Utilizing a 12µm thermal imaging sensor the Infiray Finder provides great clarity in the FH25R and a great detection range of almost 1,300 metres across the range. This detection is based on a standard 1.7 metre object, if your target is larger or smaller your detection range will differ. Of course this detection is possible in total darkness.

InfiRay - Finder FH25R - Thermal Range Finding Monocular - Wolf Eyes


  • A 50 Hz refresh rate

We have all soon early flat screen TV where the football would fly through the air but only be seen every few metres, or worse at the start and end of the kick. A 50 Hz refresh rate gives a life like reproduction and allows you to capture movement easily, for observing now or recording.

  • High Definition Display

The high resolution display in the Finder series (1280×960) means sharp images and provides good colours. This screen is standard in both the Infiray Finder FH25R and the FL25R thermal monoculars.

  • Laser Range Finder

Both models in the  Finder series, FH25R and FL25R, feature  has a built-in laser ranging module, which helps to quickly and accurately capture and display the target distance. The range finder has an accuracy of ± 1 m and a suggested maximum range of 600 metres. A quality range finder helps you use your Finder thermal monocular better, allowing you to make a better judgement on the picture presented before you. Infiray Finder series thermal monoculars both feature both  single and continuous ranging, allowing you to choose the most appropriate method of range finding for your situation.

 InfiRay - Finder FH25R - Thermal Range Finding Monocular - Wolf Eyes


  • Very Compact size

The Infiray Finder is a very compact size, especially for a thermal monocular with a range finder built in. At 320 grams and 130mm in length it could easily pass as a conventional range finder - but inside it is actually a full featured thermal monocular as well as a range finder. Manufacturers often talk about pocket size, this truly will fit into cargo pockets.


 InfiRay - Finder FH25R - Thermal Range Finding Monocular


  • Screen sensor

The screen has a sensor to determine when it is being used. When not in use it turns the screen off to save your battery power. Technology working for you.

  • Wifi streaming and video recording as standard

Your Infiray Finder can stream in real time to your tablet or phone, it can also record on it's built in storage. So when you find a yowie or one of the lost panthers in Australia you will be able to share it with family and friends. You can even take photos and all easily stored on the built in storage space.

 InfiRay - Finder FH25R - Thermal Range Finding Monocular

  • Android & Apple App

Built in There is an app for both Apple and Android phones or tablets to fully utilise the built in wifi  of your Infiray Finder so you can live stream to your phone or tablet, download files or update firmware.


  • Accelerometer and Digital Compass

Your Infiray Finder thermal monocular has a compass and accelerometer. Combined these two enable better accuracy by measuring cant and angles.


 InfiRay - Finder FH25R - Thermal Range Finding Monocular


Finder Series Specifications




384×288 - 12μm - NETD, mK≤40
640×512 - 12μm - NETD, mK≤40
Objective lens, mm
25 25
Magnification, x
2.5-10 1.5-6.0
Detection range, m
1298 1298
Resolution, pixels
Frame rate, Hz
Objective lens, mm 25 25
Field of View, degrees 10.5°×7.9° 17.5°×14°
Magnification, x
2.5-10 1.5-6.0
Digital Zopm, x x1/x1.5/x2/x2.5 /x3 /x3.5 x4 x1/x1.5/x2/x2.5 /x3 /x3.5 x4
Resolution, pixels
1280x960 LCOS 1280x960 LCOS
Thermal Palettes
Black, White, Red Hot, Rainbow
Black, White, Red Hot, Rainbow
  Range Performance
Detection range (person), m
1298 1298
  Video Recorder
Amount of built-in memory, GB
16 16
  Laser Rangefinder  
Laser Rangefinder Range, m Max 600 ±1
Max 600 ±1
  Power Supply
Battery type
Internal Battery - Li-ion Internal Battery - Li-ion
Operating time on battery pack (at t=22°C), h *
Max Line-of-sight reception range m
  Weight & Size
Dimensions, mm
70x52x130 70x52x130
Weight, kg
3 years
3 years
Model Number


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Brand Infiray Outdoor Thermal
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Shipping Width 0.001m
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Shipping Length 0.001m

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