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It is a big investment when purchasing a thermal scope or night vision scope. You deserve peace of mind. That is why we are the only Pulsar Premier Partner, to give you that peace of mind. You have the full resources of our company and the full resources of the Australian importer working together to support you. Full sales support, full service support. Both companies familiar with the Pulsar product and dealing with Pulsar thermal and night vision daily.

The Pulsar Trail2 XP50 LRF & XQ50 LRF are thermal night vision scopes which also offer recording and direct streaming to your phone or tablet - all with a detection capability of up to 1,800 metres! The Thermion XP50, XM50, XQ50 and XQ38 range looks like a normal glass scope but has full thermal capability, while the Pulsar Helion2 XP50 and XQ50 offers incredible thermal quality in a similar sized monocular. The Pulsar Accolade2 XP50 LRF thermal binoculars have rangefinding as well as great thermal detection, all combined with the ability to use both eyes.The Pulsar Axion XQ and XM monoculars offers thermal scope capability at a very modest price and tiny size, about the size of a 40mm thick mobile phone! The Pulsar Digex N450 and N455 andPulsar Forward FN455 offer great night vision ability and high quality images all in a compact package. Of course we have all the Pulsar Core and Krypton Forward Attachments, the IPS7, IPS14, APS2, APS3 and APS5 batteries to keep your thermal scopes and night vision going while you are on the move.  For more information please call on 1300 911 007