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The Infiray Clip C CH50 and CL42 are thermal imaging clip-on attachments to turn any scope in to a thermal scope.  This means you can use the same scope night and day without the need to rezero or make any further adjustments. You can also use the Clip C (both CH50 & CL42) as a monocular with the eyepiece which is supplied as standard with each Clip C.

  • Good Image Quality 

The InfiRay manufactured VOx detector provides clear and quality images. Our favourite is the Clip C CH50 with noticably clearer images.

  • Standard Ultraclear Mode

The Ultra clear mode is able to provide another level of detail which is useful in difficult condition.

  • HD Display

Both Clip C feature an AMOLED HD display  with HD resolution giving quality images and colours to observe through your scope.

  • Fast setup

The Clip C mounts quickly on your scope and non need to rezero, just clamp it on and use. It is quite conceivable to utilise it as a thermal monocular then quickly move to using as a thermal scope attachment.

  • Modest in size and weight

We believe that a thermal attachment should be easy to use, this includes carrying! Weight is important, it is purposely low on the Infiray Clip C to make your life easier.

  • Your standard setting

A  clip ons such as the Clip C allow you to maintain the same eye relief and shooting position as you always use, allowing you to get similar results with your thermal clip on attachment as you would with your day scope.

  • Easily Converted

You can quickly and efficiently convert from a thermal monocular to a clip on thermal imaging attachment for your scope with either of the Infiray Clip C, both CH50 and CL42. This is a very feasible way of using your Infiray Clip C.

  • Wireless Remote

A bluetooth wireless remote can be used with your Clip C to enable easy control from any position.

  • Digital Compass and Accelerometer

Cant and angles can be determined by the Accelerometer and Digital Compass in your Clip C. Also direction and degree of lateral tilting can be detrmined.

  • Rusan Adapter to suit Clip C

Rusan Infiray Adapter to suit Clip C available here: Rusan Infiray

Infiray CH50 & CL42 Specifications








 Pixel Size, um



NETD, mk



Frame Rate, Hz



Objective Lens, mm



Field of View




Attachment:1×; Monocular:2.9×-11.6×

Attachment: 1×; Monocular:2.9×-11.6×

Diopter Adjustment




1024×768 OLED

1024×768 OLED




Max. Battery Life, h



Recoil Rating

.338 Lapua Magnum, muzzle energy 6000J

.338 Lapua Magnum, muzzle energy 6000J

Weight (without batteries), g



Dimension, mm



Adapter Ring Mount



Detection Range, m

(Target size:1.7m×0.5 m, P(n)=99%)



IP Rating



Warranty 3 Years

3 Years


Infiray - Clip C Series - CH50 Manual


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Brand Infiray Outdoor Thermal
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