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Sightline N470  850nm night vision scope Sightline N470 850nm night vision scope
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Sightline N470 with Wolf Eyes Ranger 56 IR torch and mount - Ultimate Package, value $2430 Sightline N470 with Wolf Eyes Ranger 56 IR torch and mount - Ultimate Package, value $2430
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Sightline N475 940nm night vision scope Sightline N475 940nm night vision scope
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Sightline N475 with Wolf Eyes Ranger 56 IR Torch and mount - Ultimate Package value $2530 Sightline N475 with Wolf Eyes Ranger 56 IR Torch and mount - Ultimate Package value $2530
In stock

The Yukon Sightline N470 and N475 are high magnification 6 - 24x night vision scopes at a modest price. The main difference between the N470 and N475 is the N470 uses an 850nm illuminator and the N470 uses a 940nm illuminator. A 850nm illuminator has been thought could be visible to some animals but provides far superior illumination to 940nm. The 940nm is harder to see but doesn't illuminate as far. Both wavelengths are invisible to human eyes. One option would be to purchase a N475 and add one of our excellent IR torches for high power IR (Infra Red) illumination such as the NiteHunter IR, X-Beam IR or Ranger IR.

We are offering packages with the Wolf Eyes Ranger 56 IR (Infra Red) which usually adds 60% to 80% to the range of the Sightline, a very worthwhile improvement for modest cost.

High magnification 6-24x

A useful base level of magnification with the option of higher levels available.

High nighttime sensitivity

Very good sensitivity from the new sensor used in the N470 and N475 Sightline series provides low light and night time sensitivity not seen at this price point.

Scalable ballistic reticles

A wide choice of reticles which are easily changed are built into the Sightline scopes, enabling you to pick the right reticle for your application. The reticles included are available for download at the bottom of this page.
Three individual shooting profiles

You can use your new N470 or N475 Yukon Sightline on three different scopes with different profiles for each calibre, allowing you to get the most use out of your scope.
Universal rail for various mount types

The mount supplied with theYukon Sightline  N470 and N475 in Australia is optimised for a picatinny rail (our preferred choice) but will work with a Weaver rail as well.
Easy operation with a single controller

The single controller on top allows you to control all functions on your scope.

Approximately 300m to 400m night time viewing range

The N470 with its 850nm illuminator provides up to 400 metres of night vision viewing, the N475 with its 940nm illuminator provides 300 metres of range. Both illuminators are invisible to human eyes but the 940nm is considered less visible to some animals

Available Packaged with a Wolf Eyes Infra Red torch

We have packaged the Wolf Eyes Ranger 56 Infra Red (IR) torch with the Sightlines which adds 60% to 80% more range to your Sightline. Of course when used at a closer distance it is like having a spotlight turned on, much brighter through the viewfinder. The Ranger 56 IR has a Procap, so you can wind the power down as well, as in some situations you can have too much light - in the middle of dense bush for example.

Quick-release rechargeable power supply included

Rechargeable battery pack gives the Yukon Sightline  N470 and N475  low running costs and considerably less impact on the environment.

High precision aiming with “Picture-in-Picture” mode

The picture in picture mode on the Yukon Sightline scopes allows you to have a wider field of viewing for the background but a higher magnification of the reticle for more accurate shot placement.

Accurate Zoom Zeroing (Precise Zoom Zeroing)
High caliber applicable: cal 12, 9.3x64, 375H&H

Comfortable to use on your larger calibres without fear of damage to your Yukon Sighline scope.


Sightline N470 N475 User Manual

Sightline N470 N475 Reticle Catalogue



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