For most of our customers, no maintenance is necessary on your Wolf Eyes Tactical LED Torches or LED Rechargeable Headlamps.

That said, there are those who are professional users, professional departments and those who like to maintain their equipment to the best of their abilities – this guide is for those people. All up this is only a few minutes of work but will enhance the lifespan and usability of your LED torches and headlamps.

Threads & O-Rings

The quickest and easiest thing to do (and one of the most useful) is to wipe the threads with a clean cloth or tissue. The tailcap of your torch is always one to be done, but if you have a removable LED torch unscrew the head and clean those threads as well. On a rechargeable LED headlamp clean the battery compartment threads.

The O-rings are silicone and the best thing which can be done for them is to spray some silcone spray on them. The tailcap and head compress against the silicone O-rings to keep your torch waterproof or water resistant, the silicone helps the head or tailcap glide over the O-ring.

If you are going to be putting your torch underwater or pressure from water we would recommend (assuming it is a model of torch suitable for such use) putting silcone grease on the threads. This actually fills the space between the threads to help maintain the water resistance. If you aren't subjecting to such treatment I would just spray the threads of your torch with the same silicone spray used on the O-ring. This silcone spray is great for the threads of your LED headlamps as well.


A clean up with a pencil eraser (rubber) on each end of the battery contacts can work wonders, as it will on so many electrical connections on torches or not. This same eraser will also work on your charger contacts.

If you have more than one battery we recommend using a permanent marker on them and labelling them A, B, C or 1, 2, 3 for example just so you can tell them apart. The reason for this is these lithium ion batteries love to be used and we recommend sharing them between your LED rechargable headlamps and LED torches to ensure they get even use. The worst thing you can do is not use a battery, the reason we recommend marking them so you can tell they are getting into regular rotation in your headlamps and torches.

If you find you haven't used your rechargeable LED torch or rechargeable LED headlamp for something like 3 to 6 months, say in the case of a tactical unit's mounted torch, we would suggest running it on low for a period (so as not to put any thermal strain on your torch) and then recharge the battery.

None of the above is necessary but all these suggestions will help your torch. If you have any other maintenance issues please email or call the office on 1300 911 007.