Thermal Transfer Tube

Thermal Transfer Tube

Thermal Transfer Tube, what is it and what does it do for you?

Wolf Eyes torches predominantly use a Thermal Transfer Tube in the construction of their torches. This is a brass liner inside and mated to the 6061-T6 aircraft aluminium body. There are three main reasons for the Thermal Transfer Tube:

1) Being brass it ensures optimum electrical conductivity within the torch
2) The combined strength of the dissimilar metals is greater than either individually, enhancing the strength and durability of your torch.
3) LEDs get hot, very hot in the case of high output LEDs. If an LED is permanently overheated, it has reduced output for the rest of its life. To ensure this doesn’t happen and give a long service life to our rechargeable LED torches we have a Thermal Transfer Tube to drag damaging heat away from the LED and dissipate it through the mass of the torch body.

On torches with removable LEDs you will notice they have a brass base on the LED, also to help with this process of dragging damaging heat away from the LED and have it radiated by the body. This brass base on the LED mates to the Thermal Transfer Tube. This is also one of the reason Wolf Eyes Torches are regulated, as well as stopping the light from dimming, regulation stops the flashlight from getting too bright and hot (say in the case of a faulty battery or accidently hooking up multiple batteries). The LED would glow bright for a short period of time but eventually would succumb to the heat and suffer reduced output for the life of the torch.

So the Thermal Transfer Tube transfers the heat of the LED to the mass of the flashlight body to ensure you get a much longer life out of your Wolf Eyes LED torch.