Pulsar Digisight Ultra N455 N450

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Pulsar Digisight Ultra N450 LRF with Laser Ranger Finder - 850nm Pulsar Digisight Ultra N450 LRF with Laser Ranger Finder - 850nm
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Pulsar Digisight Ultra N455LRF with Laser Range Finder - 940nm Pulsar Digisight Ultra N455LRF with Laser Range Finder - 940nm
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The Pulsar Digisight Ultra N455 and N450 has an unbelievably sensitive sensor, a step up in sensitivity from most sensors in night vision  scopes, including our own Digisight LRF N970, N355, N860. This sensor still has a great frame rate but is very sensitive to give you a better picture in low light or no light conditions. It also can work well with no illumination and just a small amount of ambient light, situations in which most night vision struggles. If you want to try using a night vision scope without it's illuminator, possibly due to sensitive prey, this is the model to choose.  There is a stealthy 940nm illuminator on the Ultra N455 and of course we recommend teaming it with one of our IR (infra red) torches for absolute maximum capability. There are five pre set colour modes including full colour and monochrome, which you can choose any one at any time based on personal preference and environmental conditions.


The Ultra N450 version has the 850nm illuminator, The Ultra N455 has the 940nm illuminator which is less visible, thopugh both are invisible to the human eye.  Both these versions are identical excpet for the illuminator.. All can be improved later by adding our X-Beam IR, NightHunter IR or Ranger 56 IR torches to these units.

We supply our Pulsar Digisight Ultra N450 and N455 with the picatinny or weaver mount included in the price - as well as the battery and charger already in the kit. Just put it on  and you are good to go.

There is included video recording with the Ultra N455  and also video streaming via the Streamvision app for Google or Apple devices. This is great say when you are on the back of a ute and the driver can have a tablet mounted to the screen seeing exactly what you see.. This was the stuff of movies only a few short years ago!


Super-sensitive NV riflescope (Digisight Ultra N355)

Super-sensitive NV scope



Variable magnification from 3.5x to 14х (Digisight Ultra N355)

Variable magnification from 3.5x to 14х

The Digisight Ultra 455 scope features 3.5x optical and variable digital magnification up to x4 and includes both step-up and continuous magnification for a truly optimum, customized field of view.


Picture-in-Picture mode (Digisight Ultra N355)

Picture-in-Picture mode

Picture-in-Picture improves accuracy by providing a magnified image of the reticle area at the top of the display. With only 10% of the display area used by PiP the field of view remains virtually unobstructed for simultaneous PiP and FOV viewing. Tremendous for accurate placement.


Colour palettes (Digisight Ultra N355)

Colour palettes

The Digisight Ultra N455 scope features fsix pre-set colour modes – both full-colour and monochrome. The user is free to select any of these based on viewing conditions and personal preference.


Compact and lightweight (Digisight Ultra N355)

Compact and lightweight



Up to 10 hours Wi-Fi (Digisight Ultra N355)

Up to 10 hours Wi-Fi

The Digisight Ultra includes a progressive self-contained B-Pack power supply consisting of a quick-detach rechargeable IPS5 battery designed to provide over 5 hours of operation at maximum loading. An IPS10 battery pack is also available which has twice this capacity.


Integrated video recorder (Digisight Ultra N355)

Integrated video recorder

Digisight Ultra scopes are equipped with a recorder designed to capture real-time videos and take pictures. The user can transfer video and photo files saved in the internal memory to a PC/laptop or mobile device via wired or Wi-Fi connection.


Invisible IR illuminator (Digisight Ultra N355)

Invisible IR illuminator

The Digisight Ultra N455 is supplied with a detachable high power IR illuminator operating at 940nm in the invisible range.  


Wi-Fi integration with iOS and Android devices (Digisight Ultra N355)

Wi-Fi integration with iOS and Android devices

Our Stream Vision software connects the scope to Android and iOS mobile devices and enables real-time footage to be received and viewed.


Live internet streaming (Digisight Ultra N355)

Live internet streaming

Stream Vision  allows online streaming of images captured by the device to internet based public video services and YouTube.


Large caliber recoil resistance (Digisight Ultra N355)

Large caliber recoil resistance

Digisight Ultra copes feature high shock resistance allowing use with large caliber hunting tools such as 9.3х64, .30-06, .300, .375. etc.

Fully waterproof (IPX7) (Digisight Ultra N355)

Fully waterproof (IPX7)

The Digisight Ultra is fully waterproof featuring an IPX7 level of protection. The scopes are able to operate in precipitation of any intensity and survive a short-term submersion in water.


Wide operating temperature range (-25° to +50°C) (Digisight Ultra N355)

Wide operating temperature range (-25° to +50°C)

use at low temperatures (down to -25°C) due to the units incorporating a frost resistant AMOLED display.


Sensor -CMOS 1280x720
Magnification, x 4.5 – 18 (x4 zoom)
IR Illuminator wavelength, 940 nm (invisible)
Detection range, 500 m
SensorType CMOS
Resolution, 1280x720 pixels
Objective lens F50/1.2
Magnification, x 4.5 – 18
Field of view (HxV), degrees / m @ 100 m 6.2x4.7 / 10.9x8.2
Eye relief, 50 mm
Display Type AMOLED
Infrared Illuminator LED
Detection range, 500 m
Reticle Click value, H/V, mm at 100 m 10 10 / 10
Click range, H/V, 2000 / 2000 mm at 100 m
Number of preloaded reticles 10+
Video / photo resolution, pixel 1024x768
Video / photo format .mp4 / .jpg
Built-in memory, 16 Gb
Degree of protection, IP code (IEC60529) IPХ7
Operating temperature range, -25 – +50 °С
Weight & Size
Dimensions, 370x73x74 mm
Weight, 0.83 kg
Output voltage, 3.1 - 4.2 V
Battery type Li-Ion Battery Pack IPS5
Capacity, 5000 mAh
Operating time on battery pack (at t=22°C), h * 4 (max consumption mode) – 8 (max consumption mode)
External power supply 5V
Connections and Compatibilities
Max. recoil (Eo), 6000 Joules
Shock resistance , caliber 12
Wi-Fi Frequency 2.4GHz
Standard 802,11 b/g/n
Line-of-sight reception range, 15 m


SKU 158-pulsar-digisight-ultr
Brand Pulsar Thermal Night Vision
Shipping Weight 0.0010kg
Shipping Width 0.001m
Shipping Height 0.001m
Shipping Length 0.001m

Bang For Your Buck!

By: on 31 July 2020
This night vision scope is extremely user friendly! I was very impressed with the detection range and the clarity with the zoom options. I shot a fox out at 300 yds and could see him perfectly. The sound quality on recorded videos was also spectacular. The Stream Vision app worked perfectly for me and connected to my phone without a hitch. I've been taking this scope out for over 8 hours and the battery life has been amazing! I would definitely recommend this scope for anyone in the market for one!


By: on 4 December 2019
My first night vision scope I own, though I have used a few of my neighbours. Very impressed, can easily see foxes at 300 metres if they aren't in scrub. I have had it about a month now, has already paid for itself.

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