Defender III Ultra LED Torches

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Throw: 240 metres

Beam Type: Aspheric - spot adjustable to flood

Lumens: 1620

Length: 140 mm

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Lumens: 1620 lumens
Throw: 240 metres
Length: 140 mm
Beam Type: Aspheric – spot adjustable to flood


This Defender III Ultra contains all the goodness of a genuine 1620 lumens of light, giving you a great output especially when focussed through the engineered aspheric lens. The adjustable head allows you to choose between a spot beam or flood - or somewhere in between at the flick of a finger. The four levels of output allow you to get just the right amount (or too much!) for your application. Like all Wolf Eyes it comes with a genuine Australian approved charger (for your safety - no hoverboard or electric bike style incidents here!) and rechargeable battery. The brass liner in the body draws the heat generated by the huge 1620 lumens LED away so that you get a long service life from your LED torch.

Light Output and Beam Pattern
The Defender III Ultra LED torch provides a spot beam out to 240 metres which can be adjusted back to a flood beam. An aspheric provides a tight spot with no surrounding flood, or can move back to all flood. There is also high beam, medium and lowbeam

Tactical Tailcap
The tailcap is the Wolf Eyes Tactical Tailcap, which means you can use it like a regular tailcap or adjust the levels with it.

TTT and Construction
The Defender III Ultra Torch is constructed with the same TTT Thermal Transfer Tube as used in most other Wolf Eyes  flashlights , which is a brass tube designed to wick away the heat from the LED, as heat can permanently damage an LED for life. The brass TTT is covered by a an aircraft aluminium body which is low temperature (-20o C) Hard Anodized. The combination of the two materials is stronger then either one individually

Regulation means your Defender III Ultra LED torch doesn’t dim as the battery flatten. Batteries naturally reduce in voltage as they flatten, the regulation unit increases the amperage so the same amount of current is getting to the LED, thereby stopping it from dimming.

Rechargeable Batteries
Like most Wolf Eyes Headlamps and Torches the Defender III Ultra LED Flashlight utilises the HDB168 (18650) lithium ion battery, this time in High Discharge format to deal with the high instantaneous current requirements. The HDB168  which has good power but also a slim profile. This is a protected battery, meaning it controls charging, discharging and over discharging for your protection.

Cold Weather
The Defender III Ultra LED Torch works from -20o C to + 60o C

Australian Approved Charger
Your Wolf Eyes Rechargeable LED Torch is supplied with an Australian Approved Charger, meaning firstly it is safe for you and all your insurances apply such as Workers Comp, Building, etc

Your Defender III Ultra LED Torch is supported by a range of spares within Australia and also the 1300 911 007 number is available for questions and queries, with a 24 hour answering service to log after hours calls.

 defender III led hunting torch flashlight


Defender at 200 metres - click picture for larger




Insert from Defender at 200 metres



Video showing the beam of the Wolf Eyes Defender III


SKU 263-wolf-eyes-defenderIII
Brand Wolf Eyes LED Torches
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg

Pocket Rocket

By: on 30 November 2018
A small torch with a lot of light. I bought this torch in case I damaged my Seal torch. I like the easy one handed push pull focussing,helped by the small size of the torch. Ideal for walk about illumination and finding smaller objects in the dark. The heat is wicked away from the LED, you can feel the torch body getting warm.


By: on 28 April 2016
Perfect size, hugely bright and battery seems to never need recharging. There is nothing I don't like about this torch (except my daughter would like a pink one!)


By: on 15 April 2016
nice and compact with a good beam very long battery life

3 years old and still works like new!

By: on 2 June 2015
I purchased the predecessor, the Defender II, and I would recommend these torches to anyone. Lights well out to 200m, spot a fox no problem at that distance. Beam control and stability are excellent and although the torch has been put through hell conditions, it barely has a mark on it. Also, the original battery still runs the torch for 6+ hours on full power.

Best Present I have ever been given

By: on 2 June 2015
A friend of mine gave me this product and this has been the most useful, practical and valued present. The power and longevity of the torch is amazing combined with high quality build. I liked it so much I bought one for my dad.

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