X-Beam UV (Ultra Violet) LED Torches

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The X-Beam UV is two torches in one. It has a 400nm LED inside it and also a normal white LED - you can change between the two at the flick of a lever, the white adding a high degree of usefulness and safety to a UV Ultra Violet torch. As well as being able to flick between Ultra Violet and white LEDs, you can also change the intensity of output of both the white output and the Ultra Violet output with the Procap tailcap to suit your needs. The UV Ultra Violet light emitted by the X-Beam UV is 400nm in wavelength.

Light Output and Beam Pattern

The X-Beam UV torch gives a very wide spot out to about 150 metres on the 1210 lumen white LED, which can be expanded even broader (with consequent shorter throw) by screwing the rotary head.


The UV Ultra Violet light is 400nm in wavelength.

TTT and Construction

The X-Beam UV torch is built around our famous TTT – brass Thermal Transfer Tube and the rest of the torch body covering this is made from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminium. The idea of the Thermal Transfer Tube is to do three things, one to strengthen the whole torch structure, with the whole being stronger than either component, two to provide good electrical conductivity and most importantly three, to drag damaging heat away from the LED and dissipate it through the mass of the torch body. LEDs can be permanently damaged by excessive heat and suffer reduced output for the rest of their life, the intention of this highly durable body and design is to provide you with the longest possible life for your torch, not just by the external durability of the body but also by enhancing the durability of the LED and electronics.

The torch body is made from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminium which is then low temperature (-20o C) Hard Anodized tactical black.

The Procap gives the ability to preselect the level of output before you turn it on (or after). This means you can select low to read without blinding yourself with glare, or select disorientating strobe before approaching an offender. The Procap is a ring around the conventional tailswitch and is easily adjusted with one hand. The Procap is unique in that it doesn’t turn off between levels, so you are never left in the dark, even for a split second, by your Wolf Eyes torch. Photographers often choose this cap as it allows you to tailor the amount of light to the job at hand.


The X-Beam UV Ultra Violet  LED torch is regulated, meaning it doesn’t dim as the battery flattens. Torches usually dim as the battery flattens, sometimes just a little and often a lot. This is because the battery reduces in voltage as it flattens. The solution to this regulation, this increases the amperage as the voltage is reduced, so the optimum power or current is always supplied to the torches LED.

Rechargeable Batteries
The X-Beam hunting torch uses the well-known LRB168P lithium ion (18650) batteries which are protected for your safety. These are used in all Wolf Eyes Professional Torches and Headlamps for total compatibility. They are energy dense, so only one is needed, enabling the  friendly 25.4mm (1”) torch body size to be used. The batteries are also protected for your safety.

Cold Weather
All Lithium Ion powered Wolf Eyes torches work well in cold weather, the X-Beam UV Ultra Violet flashlight being rated from -20o C to +60o C.

Australian Approved Charger
The charger with your Wolf Eyes LED Torch is Australian Approved, meaning that you can feel safe using it and all your insurances such as Workcover, OH&S, building, will apply.

Your Wolf Eyes X-Beam UV Ultra Violet torch is supported with a range of flashlight spares in Australia. There is also a 1300 911 007 number for questions or queries, this number also has live answering after hours so you enquiry can be logged and attended to in business hours.

x-beam UV ultra violet led torch flashlight



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UV function performs well.

By: on 8 February 2019
I purchased the UV to investigate fluorescent lichens in particular, and other plants. The torch performs very well, the fluorescent colours being visible (on full power with tightest beam) from 3m away and good macro photograph detail on wide beam from 20 - 30cm away. Work with flowers has already revealed a cream coloured pollen which fluoresces bright green to attract local pollinators. The white light function performs to specs as well - and very useful to be able to switch easily between the two. As usual for Wolf Eyes, the product build and range of functions is excellent.

great product

By: on 25 September 2018
The torch is great. If I could suggest that you mention the measurements in the description

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