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This is the RED LED version of our popular Lunar LED headlamp, it comes with a RED LED only to give RED light. This headlamp is most often used by wildlife photographers or hunters, due to the good throw of the unit combined with minimal animal disturbance of the RED light.

Ideal for campers and hikers as it does not disturb the habitat around you, you can sit around the campfire with this headlamp on and others will not find the light disturbing, also it is a very light headlamp to wear.

The white version is available here - White LUNAR.

The single lens in front of the LED is adjustable from spot to flood, by simply twisting. This is a tele photo lens and gives a good spot for those who like hunting or wanting to see distance, it then has a rotary adjustment out to a medium flood. All the controls are on the front for ease of use. The front of the bezel (head) is about 34mm in diameter so a handy compact headlamp or headtorch.

A little lighter and smaller than the Dingo rechargeable headlamp but still with a decent throw. This is due to using just one Wolf Eyes rechargeable lithium ion battery (included) which is mounted at the rear to balance the LED headlamp at the front. The Wolf Eyes rechargeable lithium ion battery is quite light so the whole package remains light. As the battery is held between two springs within the battery compartment to eliminate any loss of contact and the fact the headlamp has a headband with strap over the top of the head, this headlamp would suit someone who is very active, such as a runner. The light weight of the headlamp means it suits women or men equally, whilst also being an advantage for very active headlamp users. By only having a single battery on the back of the headlamp you eliminate the problem of a heavy battery pack banging on your head, which sometimes occurs with headlamps which require 4 batteries in a pack.

The Lunar LED rechargeable headlamp is the step in between single battery headlamps with modest 10 metre outputs, being just a little heavier, but offering the output and long distance throw of the much larger headlamps which need larger battery packs. This extra throw or distance makes it well suited to those who use an LED headlamp when moving quickly, such as hunters or fast runners. The sort of people who can outrun the limited light of traditional single battery LED headlamps. Or spend their evening chasing animals around.

The front bezel is constructed of aircraft aluminium.. The bezel/head is full adjustable on the foam backed pad which sits on your head. For convenience all controls for the headlamp are on the front which means you can adjust the headlamp head  for spot or flood, you can also turn the headlamp off or on to one of it's four levels or strobe.The Lunar LED Rechargeable Headlamp uses the Wolf Eyes LRB168P Battery (the same as used in your Wolf Eyes torch) and this lithium ion rechargable battery and charger are supplied in the kit.


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Great torch- with one caveat

By: on 30 August 2023
I've been using one of these Lunar red LED headlamps torches now as my primary spotting torch for a couple of years, and it has been excellent. However, the reason it has been such a perfect tool is that I remounted the headlamp through 180° so rather than sitting high on my forehead, the beam sits directly between my eyes, which allows me to spotlight even the smallest frogs on eyeshine (which I would certainly miss if the beam was 5cm from my eyes as received). It would take a very minor modification to the forehead plate to allow the option of this conversion by the user to be much easier, rather than a long and fiddly operation with a drill and bits of plastic.. I appreciate that not everyone who uses a red LED headlamp is looking for frogs, but there would be a lot of fauna surveyors who would benefit from what would be a tiny change to the design. Having said that, the ease of use, lightness, ruggedness and battery life of this torch is such that I will happily buy another for my partner so she can assist me in our frog-finding expeditions.


By: on 5 November 2018
Bought one of these after it was suggested by a friend to have so I could use my thermal scope for walk around shooting. Good unit, can easily make my way around the property with the light on the lower levels. Doesn't seem to disturb anything I am going after.

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