Why RED light?

Why RED light? There has been a lot of interest recently in red lights both from the traditional users such as those involved in feral pest control but also more recently from those who choose to photograph our wildlife or running tours showing Australian animals to visitors close up. The biggest advatage of red light is that it does not spook animals as much as white light, they find it considerably less alarming and in some cases barely notice the red light. This means you can get closer to them and observe them better. One little known advantage is the red is great for night time photographer's lenses to focus, meaning they can shine the light on an animal and then use the autofocus of their lens (which can 'see' the red light) to get a sharp shot. One model which is particularly favoured by photographers and also used by many Zoos and wildlife parks for their night tours is the X-Beam Red. One nice facility is the ability to flick between white and red light, so from a safety aspect if someone sprains an ankle you can quickly render assistance. For those who like longer distance feral control our new Ranger 56 RED is a great longer distance, low disturbance light.