CR123A Kolt Battery 1000 Bulk Pack

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This is our new Kolt CR123A battery, now with 100 mah more power for a total of 1600 mah. Easily recognisable by the new black background, these batteries are a new stronger CR123A disposable battery.

A true bulk pack of CR123A batteries for heavy users - or just those who like to be truly prepared! Genuine CR123A Kolt Batteries in an 1,000 pack for all your disposable 3 Volt CR123A battery needs. Works in cameras, rangefinders, communications gear, flashlights, friend or foe lights, or any device which requires CR123A batteries. Of course these CR123A batteries also work well in headlamps and torches! Two of the Kolt CR123A batteries can be used instead of one of the rechargeable Wolf Eyes LRB168A batteries in our Wolf Eyes LED Torches or Wolf Eyes LED headlamps, which have been designed to accept the wider voltage range and so will work with one of our LRB168A batteries or two CR123A disposable batteries. Absolutely great value in this CR123A 1,000 pack, but we also have a 40 pack and a bulk 100 pack for those lighter CR123A battery users. There is also an 8 pack of  Kolt CR123A for light users. The battery is marked extremely logically with red for positive and black for negative, so no mistakes by you or any member of your team. A well priced battery compared to the double digit prices asked at the large supermarket chains for CR123A lithium ion batteries. These are GENUINE KOLT CR123A Lithium Ion batteries in a discounted bulk pack.


CR123A lithium ion batteries are also known as 123 batteries, CR123 batteries, 2/3A battery, CR17345 battery, 5018LC or 6135-99-851-1379 (NSN – Nato Stock Number).CR123A batteries are nominally 34.5mm in length and 17mm in diameter.


Please be aware there is a difference between CR123A batteries which are 3 Volt and rechargable CR123A batteries (often called RCR123A batteries) which are 3.7 Volt. Not all CR123A devices can accept both, most cannot, so check with your CR123A device manufacturer. This is especially important in devices utilising more than one battery, as two CR123A batteries are 6V (and 3 CR123A are 9V) where 2 RCR123A batteries are at least 7.4V freshly charged and 3 RCR123A are at least 11.1V, potentially up to 12.6V. As you can see quite easy to be over voltage for a device designed for what is essentially a different battery, even though it is the same size. For the record, Wolf Eyes Tactical LED Torches do have the capability to utilise CR123A batteries, but other torches may not. Flashes, camera gear, rangefinders, comms gear especially should be checked with the manufacturer as the wrong battery can cause enough damage that the unit may not be worth repairing.



Guaranteed Genuine KOLT CR123A Batteries!


SKU 635-kolt-cr123a-battery
Brand Kolt Batteries
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg

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