Shadowhawk X800, Lightstrike 360, X700 Military & G700 Military fllashlights update

Well plenty of news and calls these days from consumers about the Shadowhawk X800, Lightstrike 360, Militec, Gladiator,  X700 Military, Blazeray, True Torch,Militac, Ironhide, Lumify X9,  Militac & G700 Military fllashlights. Some people have them now, some are still waiting and some have given up long ago and got Paypal refunds. We have had a number who are claiming their CC has been charged twice with no goods at all (we suggest contacting your CC company straight away if this is the case, don't delay). We have even had calls and emails from the USA regarding these flashlights - or more clearly lack of these flashlights. Suffice to say every client we have spoken to hasn't been satisfied (also the case that a satisfied client wouldn't call us) and didn't think the torches even remotely lived up to the descriptions or compared with their other torches, for those that recieved something. In many cases these were bought as a lower cost alternative to give as gifts to friends, but in fact it would have been too embaressing to do. If you are just after a cheap torch we suggest ebay or Bunnings, at least you will be sure you will get it from Bunnings :)

We have added a brighter LED - 1210 lumens! - to our Defender III to give a clear alternative to these hype led torches. This is a torch with far greater output, a genuine lumens rating, lithium ion battery and Australian approved charger - all with the security of backup in Australia. Details - Defender III 1210 lumen LED Torch or with a  better tailcap, the Defender III Pro 1210 lumen LED torch

Get one of our torches, get one from Bunnings or Woolworths - but please don't get ripped off!