Flashlights too good to be true?

A flashlight too good to be true? Can you really believe Facebook and the net? Buy this before it is banned! LOL

We have had a rash of calls recently from clients who have seen the flood of advertising for the Lightstrike 360 LED Flashlight, the X700 Military Flashlight, Ironhide, True Torch, Lumify X9, Militec, Blazeray, Gladiator, Shadowhawk X800 and the G700 Military Flashlight. There are ads on facebook, in advertorials and really just all over the web.They ask 'is it really that strong it will be banned', 'is it as good as claimed' and is it really 'used by the Military and Police'. We cant say it is not used by the Military or Police but we haven't seen it in use in the units we visit within Australia. In fact we have never actually seen one in Australia, but that might be because of this - problems? Is it really the "Worlds Brightest Tactical Flashlight" as claimed? We can be sure it isn't, because we have tactical flashlights brighter than it and I am sure other brands do too. Will it be banned soon - we doubt it with the specs! From the specs it seems fairly modest quality. In light of the issues some are having with not recieving it, the modest specs with huge claims, non Australian approved charger, etc  we would suggest you look at something like the Defender IIIDefender III Pro, NiteHunter in 1,210 lumen version or if you want a real Police Flashlight (as used by all of the South Australian Police and numerous specialist units throughout Australia) look at the Sniper II Pro or even the Pro Police. If you aren't after a quality light just get a $30 ebay special! It would be roughly the same low quality.

Update: We have had more clients call about the G700 Flashlight, Lightstrike 360 LED Flashlight, X700 Military Flashlight & ShadowHawk X800 and the good news is some have recieved these lights. The bad news (probably to be expected if they are talking to us about getting another LED torch) is they have all been disappointed. All have been ok standard torches but haven't really met - or even gone close - to the expectations and hype, though that would be hard with the very raised expectations. Also the chargers supplied are USA chargers, not Australian or Australian approved. Thanks to this news post we still get plenty of people ringing or writing they haven't recieved anything or multiple CC charges - sorry there is nothing we can do to regulate another company.

Update: More details in our later post Shadowhawk-X800-Lightstrike-360-X700-Military-G700

Further update: We were at the Hunter Valley Arms Fair last weekend and met one of good clients who purchased two of the True Torch (the same unit as a all these torches) for his and his neighbours son. The great news is he actually recieved them, the bad news is despite an advertsised price of Aus $56.96 delivered his credit card got hit for $237! After hours on the phone he has now put the matter in the hands of his bank who also aren't having much success.