Australian Approved Chargers - required or not?

Australian Approved Chargers? Do you really need an Australian Approved Charger?

This year we have seen quite a few batteries damaged by chargers. Upon investigation, each case was from the use of a non Australian Approved Charger. While the approval alone isn't any guarantee of suitability for purpose, it does provide a few other things. The first is that the provider cared enough and was confident enough to submit the charger for approval, which often means there is a little more care and suitability in the function. The second thing is that this means you are not likely to have your house or workplace burn down. If it did your insurance would not be refused for using a non approved charger.

We have all heard the stories of notebook or phone chargers having problems and overheating or catching fire, but the recent rash of hoverboard charger failures with at least one house in Australia burnt to the ground, is really showing people the risks of using a non approved charger. Besides breaking the law (for both vendor and user) the real risk is to life and possesions with no insurance recourse.  Usually the price difference is small or the same, so why take the risk?  Not wanting to be negative but frankly we were pretty dissapointed vendors would take the risk with others safety.

All Wolf Eyes Rechargeable LED Torches and Rechargeable LED headlamps have Australian Approved chargers. We wouldn't take the risk with your safety!