Hunting LED Torches - Headlamps | WOLF EYES LED Hunting Torches

Wolf Eyes, Australia's Original Hunting Torch. From the flagship Seal LED hunting torch with it's two changeable heads offering an adjustable spot out to 500 metres or a 150 metre flood head, through the Ranger 56 LED hunting torch with it's variable spot out to 300 metres or the Hawk II LED hunting torch offering flood out to 150 metres, Wolf Eyes LED Torches have a hunting torch to fit your needs and gear. With a range of different  mounts to suit your equipment, and included tapeswitches, we will get your torch mounted for ease of use. The X-Beam red/white has found favour with both wildlife photographers and hunters due to it's red LED not disturbing animals. Wolf Eyes LED headlamps have the reach required then can be changed to fllod, while our RED LED headlamps reach far further than most RED headlamps while not disturbing animals.