Bazooka LED Torch

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Throw: 525 metres

Lumens: 1,800

Length: 300mm

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Lumens: 1800 LED lumens
Throw: 525 metres
Length: 300 mm
Beam Type: Aspheric – spot adjustable to flood
Weight: 694 grams


Our new Bazooka LED torch!  Big throw, big spot, big torch!  The Bazooka is a big throwing torch, throwing a big spot over 500 metres (actually over a kilometre using ANSI ratings, though we prefer more conservative usable figures). There is the large aspheric lens head with it's smooth rotary adjustment which easily adjusts the beam from spot to flood with fine control, the high output LED and the easy to use rotary control switch to allow you to vary the output levels of the flashlight.

The torch is a foot long (300mm) in the old measurements, but with it's 25.4mm body (1") can be used by people of all sizes, feeling quite balanced if held behind the head or alternatively almost club like if held at the tailcap. With it's large, bright, long throwing spot the Bazooka is great for search and rescue, searching a paddock (or a huge garden!), or mounting either on a vehicle roof, quadbike or even a scope if you were strong enough!  Of course for low running cost the Bazooka is fully rechargeable and has battery and charger included. There is very substantial cooling on this torch so you get a long life.

Light Output and Beam Pattern

The Bazooka utilises one of the newer, high output LEDs which enables us to provide a larger, brighter spot which throws. Great for those searching, as the spot is larger and brighter than previously possible. These new LEDs have taken quite a while for us to tame and still be able to offer the same Wolf Eyes durability and reliability. Looking at the Bazooka you wont miss the huge amount of cooling fins on the head to provide adequate cooling for the LED, absolutely necessary for reliability and long life with this output. The aspheric lens head then has rotary adjustment to allow you to change the beam from spot to flood with fine detail. You will notice the aspheric lens (magnigfying glass) on the front is quite some distance from the LED when focussed for spot. This is to enable good throw with perfect focus, similar to when you use a magnifying glass to light paper you often need to move away from the paper to get perfect focus and have the paper catch on fire.

At the back of the head is the torches control dial, this allows you to choose between the four different levels of light output (brightness) and two different strobe outputs, emergency and disorientating. This allows you to change the light output while using but also importantly before turning on.

TTT and Construction

The 82mm head with all the cooling fins is one of the first things you notice about the Bazooka torch. What you wont see is that the high output LED is mounted inside that head to a monstrous metal heatsink, which is then connected to our TTT - Thermal Transfer Tube. The reason for all of this beneath the skin work is that LEDs, if they overheat just once, lose some output for the rest of their life!  Multiple overheating incidents only compounds the problem - so you don't want to overheat your torch!  The cooling fins are pretty obvious how they work, the small fins allow more airflow and a much greater surface area, so help to remove the heat from the head. The big metal heatsink is to get the heat directly out of the LED, which then transfers it to the Thermal Transfer Tube - TTT and head with all it's cooling fins.

What is a Thermal Transfer Tube and what does it do? A Thermal Transfer Tube is the the combination of the brass liner inside the alloy body, which creates a tube to shuttle the heat away from the LED. There are three main reasons for the TTT, firstly the brass and alloy complement each other to create a structure which is stronger than either individually, secondly the brass liner creates a perfect electrical connection and thirdly, and most importantly, the heat is dragged away from the LED and into the body of the torch, allowing the heat to dissapate away from the susceptible LED and other electrical components.

We are slower than some others bringing out these new higher output LEDs, we wanted to be able to overcome the huge heat issues these new LEDs generate in a manner which is both usable but provides the life you expect from a costly torch. We had already heard of warranties not being honoured by some companies, truth is the heat is very hard to manage without making the torch weigh a few kilos or have assisted cooling. Heat management and long term reliability has always been an issue with higher output LEDs, managing the two has definitely got harder with recent LED releases.

The body is 25.4mm (one inch) in size a size which is both easy to hold but also allows multiple mounting options for vehicles, handlebars, frames, light mounts, even scopes if you are strong enough. There is an included tapeswitch for remote operation.

Dual Tailcap
The torches tailcap is the Wolf Eyes Dual Tailcap, which means you can use it like a regular tailcap or screw on the included tapeswitch for faster control of your flashlight. With a conventional torch with a single spring, on a heavy calibres or with violent movement the batteries can move around from the recoil and can cause damage to components of the torch. On the Wolf Eyes Bazooka torch we utilise dual springs, one on each end of the battery compartment to isolate the battery's movement, while always maintaining full electrical conductivity, power to the LED and output.

Regulation and Runtime

Like all of our Wolf Eyes torches and headlamps the Bazooka is regulated. Regulation has two functions, as batteries flatten they lose voltage, regulation compensates for this by increasing amperage, thereby ensuring your light doesn't fade as you are using it. You can take a torch out with 3/4 flat batteries and still get full power output, very handy.

The other reason is for regulation is so you don't give the LED more power than it can handle. Particularly relevant with these high output LEDs. Even though our torch has much more cooling and heatsinking than most other torches with similar LEDs, even we have to restrict output so we dont damage the LED and ensure you get a long life out of such a high output LED. There is no point to such a bright long throwing LED torch if you will be getting lower output year after year.

The runtime on the Bazooka torch is 10 minutes on absolute maximum, then 1 hour 10 minutes of Medium if you leave it turned to High. If you let it cool then the maximum ten minutes start again. Medium is 1 hour and 28 minutes, Medium/Low is 3hours and 35 minutes and Low is 92 hours.

Cold Weather

Due to it's lithium ion rechargeable batteries the Bazooka works very well in cold weather, even in sub zero conditions. In fact due to the high output and high heat of the LED, cold weather is better for it and will enhance it's life. Cool running is best for LEDs, the reason why we put so much effort into cooling the LED on the Bazooka torch.


Your Wolf Eyes Bazooka Torch is fully supported in Australia with help and advice only a phone call away on our 1300 911 007 number. We keep substantial spares in Australia for our Police and Military contracts and industrial clients, so spares are usually readily available if required.






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Bazooka LED Torch

By: on 28 March 2020
The torch at first looks a bit large and bulky, that is until you use it at night. Compared to the Seal (Wolf Eyes) torch it is just simply amazing. much stronger and 'whiter' light. In the group I was hunting with all wanted to use the Bazooka.

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