Sniper II LED Torches

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Throw: 100 metres

Beam Type: Reflector - Spot surrounded by flood

Lumens: 1,210

Length: 154 mm

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Lumens: 1,210 lumens
Throw: 100 metres
Length: 154 mm
Beam Type: Reflector – Spot surrounded by flood


The Sniper II is a compact high intensity tactical torch with 4 levels including strobe and a huge 1,210 lumen output. The modest size belies the output available from this durable workhorse torch.

Light Output and Beam Pattern
The Sniper II LED torch has a solid beam out to 100 metres provided by it’s 1210 lumen LED. This is a ‘spot surround by flood’ beam courtesy of the reflector head. There are 3 levels of output on the Sniper II, high beam, medium and low. There is also a fast disorientating strobe.

TTT and Construction
The Sniper II is built of aircraft aluminium and the Hard Anodized tactical black. In the centre of this alloy body is the brass Thermal Transfer Tube – TTT – whose job it is to drag away the damaging heat from the LED and radiate it from the body of the torch. LEDs are permanently damaged by being overheated so this keeps your LED with working within limits for a long service life.

Your Sniper II LED torch is regulated meaning it doesn’t dim as the batteries flatten. It keeps at the full intensity of light due to the regulation unit, an electronic component which increases amperage as the volts reduce due to the battery flattening, always supplying the optimum amount of power to the LED.

Rechargeable Batteries
The Wolf Eyes LRB168A battery (18650) is used in the Sniper II and is a protected lithium ion battery. Being protected is important as it safeguards you against overcharging or more importantly over discharging and thermal runaway. This battery is very energy dense so only one is required.

Cold Weather
All Lithium Ion powered Wolf Eyes torches work well in cold weather, the photo of the Wolf Eyes Sniper 11 torch in the ice cube is proof of this, still working after being frozen into an ice cube.

Australian Approved Charger
The charger with your Wolf Eyes LED Torch is Australian Approved, meaning that you can feel safe using it and all your insurances will apply in a Workcover situation.

The LED in your Sniper II Flashlight is removable so can be upgraded when suitable newer models of LED are released.

The Sniper II is waterproof to 1 metre.

The Wolf Eyes Sniper II is available in quantity as a personalised torch and could have your battalion, division, unit, etc name engraved on the side.

Your Wolf Eyes Torch is fully supported within Australia. We have spares here with solid stocks to support our Police and Military partners, we also have a 1300 911 007 phone number to provide over the phone assistance. After hours there is live answering on this line so you can be looked after during working hours.

Sniper led police torch flashlight


SKU 255-wolf-eyes-sniper-led
Brand Wolf Eyes LED Torches
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg

Best general duties torch

By: on 2 June 2015
I've had my sniper II torch for quite some time. Everyone at work is always asking me where I got my torch from as it is always brighter and better than anyone else's torch. Best general duties torch ever.

Best torch I've ever used

By: on 2 June 2015
I first bought myself the Sniper I torch and still use it as a spare to this day. When the Sniper II came out, I upgraded and it's been the best torch I've ever had. With the digital cap, making switching between the functions so much quicker and easier and extending my battery life by heaps. As a police officer, I find the compact size easier to handle, especially when I need to carry it on me all the time and the Bladetech Sniper II Pro Torch Holster ensures my torch doesn't fall out when in a foot pursuit. Highly recommended.

Very bright torch

By: on 2 June 2015
I have had a sniper 1 or quite a long time so when the sniper 11 arrived I had to have one, I have found it to be the best touch I have used. I'm an electrician and have found that working in large roof spaces (hospitals) the Sniper 11 is the best and leaves other touches for dead. I still keep my Sniper 1 as a backup as my number 2 touch. WELL DONE WOLFEYE !

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